Monday, March 4, 2013


With Dustin home sick, we spent part of the weekend catching up on Texas cinema. Now with Dustin on the mend, I would like to share the highlights of our research:

1. "Bernie" is a fine film, which I love for this scene more than any other. But I feel kind of bad that, without any previous prejudice, I now want to refer to Houston as the "Carcinogen Coast."

2. Who knew "Reality Bites" was set in Houston? And, for its time, it features a truly Texas-saavy reference to the Austin-born grocery chain Whole Foods. Twenty years later, as a perky checker with bright blue hair rings up my loaf of Seeduction Bread at the Whole Foods near us, I have to agree with the film's observation that Ethan Hawke would not have been hired.


Club Narwhal said...

All you Dallas folk with your Mercedes Benzes and all :) Love it!

Also, I hit a new personal low this winter: I did not step foot outside from the time I got home Friday night until we went on our Sunday afternoon walk. Almost a full 48 hours of hibernation. It was great and depressing.

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