Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Worms, Roxanne, Worms!

It rains in Texas. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And in Dallas, where the sidewalk squares ram and butt and knock at angles, it's good puddle country. Which is what I am focused on while taking my evening walk. It is impossible at night to tell how deep any pool may be, and I step gently in the dark, though my galoshes cover up to my knees. And then on dry land I notice, at my feet, the longest worm I have ever seen. Longer than a strand of spaghetti. It is a shoelace of a worm. It is a worm to make you believe worms eat other worms and grow the length of their meal. It is a worm to make you wonder if might be true, after all, that one worm cut in half becomes two worms, because this worm could be quartered and and still be surprisingly long for worms. It is skinny and segmented and still pulsing its way to somewhere when I telescope my folding umbrella to measure its length. Translated to the measuring tape at home, it is nineteen inches worth of worm. I call to tell my mother what I saw in the rain, and she tells me of an even longer worm she once saw, a worm you could wear like a belt.


Just Us Chickens said...

What's the saying, "It's always bigger in Texas?"

You could trade worm stories with Lance. Ask him about saving earthworms from the rain when we lived in NY. There, it wasn't so much about size of worms as quantity of worms. Still, a weighty worm experience.

Just Us Chickens said...

732Not sure why I had to come up with a new identity. But, in case you didn't already figure it out, Just Us Chickens = Steffanie.