Monday, April 1, 2013


Since the beginning of March, the grocery store has been selling cartons of cascarones. I lasted only a week before buying a dozen of these confetti-filled eggshells, seduced as I was by their brilliant hues and feather weight and the pictures of cartoon children hitting each other over the head. A week after that I sent the carton home with friends visiting from Oregon, convinced as I was that this was one of the better souvenirs of Texas, and then I forgot to buy more and then it was Eastera fact I was reminded of when I came home from work and noticed a modest splash of pink confetti on our apartment steps. And I was disappointed with myself that I had forgotten to restock what was so clearly a perfect and joyous thing. And then I went for an evening walk, and today I went for another, and I am so much more delighted to know that there are traces of dyed eggshell and paper throughout the neighborhood, for a mile in any direction. And I see now how much better it is to discover these traces than it would have been, shell-against-skull, to have made them.


Lina said...

Guess who is using your blog for first-second-third person/passive-active voice exercises with her ESL'ers.

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Darling blog, title, etc.! I feel the same...Dallas does need a cheerleader! I used to live in NY for ten years so I was a little negative towards Dallas when I moved here 9 years ago - but there are a lot of hidden treasures here and that makes it fun.

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