Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Calle Doce

Pat has been telling me about Schlitterbahn. Pat has been telling me generally about being on the water in Texas--in lakes, in waterparks, anywhere you can sit in an inner tube  and maybe tether along a second inner tube to hold your drinks. And then the subject turns to food.

"Do you like seafood?" Pat asks me.

"Who doesn't?" I reply gamely.

Well, for starters, Pat. Pat's recommendations are amazing in this regard. Do you like brisket? Pat doesn't, but she knows a place you shouldn't miss.

I actually don't have strong feelings about seafood in general, but fortunately for all of us, Pat's husband does. And after dinner on Wednesday, I have to agree: if you have even a passing interest in seafood, Calle Doce is a must. The frozen margaritas alone might be worth it, but what a shame to miss the shrimp cocktail.

Pat is a Dallas girl from way back. And even if she and Ed live outside of town now, she hasn't lost touch with things that make this city great. "Have you been to Blue Goose? You have to go to Blue Goose." "You want tamales? My mom has this lady." She is up on every festival and art faire and parade. Even her stories about the nuisances, about the neighbors that used to throw unauthorized birthday parties in their backyard when they went away for the weekend, are so good you have to be grateful for them, too.

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