Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The One Quilt Shop

To be fair, there used to be more. There used to be the store that specialized in batiks and the store that specialized in brights and the store that catered to Civil War reproduction quilts. There are still other fabric stores in Dallas, but if you want a quilt store, if you want a place that will recommend black batting for a dark quilt so you don't suffer the bearding of white tufts pulling through, Quilters Connection is the only bet in town. And at the edge of city limits, it's just barely that.

You might think the problem is the heat, that quilting is a pastime of places with winter weather, but the heat makes shut-ins of Dallas, too, and quilting is as good a reason as any to stay in the air conditioning. In fact, spring is the slow season here, a respite of nice weather that has people biking and gardening between the big push to finish Christmas presents and flurry of graduation gifts. Which means this is a particularly a good time to work on the big tables in the back. In fact, you're welcome to call ahead to see if there's space, and if there's not a full class, there probably is.

There are lots of nice things to say about this place, and one of these day's I hope to get up the gumption to drop by the Featherweight Club on second Tuesdays, but what intrigues me at the moment is third Saturday's Late Night Sit & Sew, an event that goes from "5:30pm until ????" Once they didn't stop until they noticed it was getting light out. It wasn't until that morning that the QC owner realized there was a donut shop next door. Happily, the donut shop opens early.

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