Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Texas Pop Rocket

A curious compromise: it's not illegal to use fireworks more or less whenever, but you can only buy fireworks in Texas a few weeks each year. And when I say you I mean anyone 12 years of age or older. No need for parental consent, no limit on how much you buy. Well, two limits: you can't get bottle rockets, and Texas won't actually sell you  something called a "Texas Pop Rocket," but don't fret; there'll be more than enough colorful explosives to get you through your grief. So stock up June 24 until midnight July 4, or else December 20 to midnight January 1. If that's not enough, you'll need the commitment to find a seller within 100 miles of the Mexican border in a county that has approved sales and visit in the brief window from May first through fifth. How interesting that we recognize two and a half fireworks holidays. Maybe if we had a border within 100 miles of Asia, we'd also celebrate Chinese New Year.

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