Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mr. Macintosh & The Drunken Nut

Why has no one else adopted the business model of cute young women in even cuter faux vintage aprons leisurely skinning apples behind the counter and selling pie at $5 a slice in a sweet little parlor room? Is it because there are only so many places you can set up a pie shop where the address is 314? 

The Emporium is the kind of pie shop that does not currently have its own website, yet the internet tells me that in the last year it has grown from selling at markets to having a Mardi Gras pop-up shop and now has transitioned again to a permanent place you can stop in and curse because they have no more slices of Smooth Operator. The internet also tells me there's a kitchen in the back that handles the wholesale business, and I like to think that if there are three or four young women in adorable aprons milling about the charming shop kitchen behind the counter, there are a dozen such bakers in the back. 

The whole experience is coo-worthy. The curtain rods alone get me, with their sweet white lace curtains shading just the lower half of the windows with freshly painted sills. Dustin and I could pick no favorite between our respective slices of Drunken Nut and Mr. Macintosh, the most recent bite was always our favorite. We will certainly go again. We were not three bites in before we were making list of all the people we would bring to visit. But, and we feel a little provocative even saying this out loud, the recipe we wanted to take away was for Lance's Iced Tea. We will go through every kind of pie they will serve usI am particularly looking forward to their ginger pumpkin this fallbut we will never stray from the iced tea.


Club Narwhal said...

I have now found an actual, literal life goal: open a pie shop that is adjacent to the B&B, The Cherry on Top. Writers welcome!

Kendra Greene said...

You and Warren may in fact have been the first on our list!