Friday, August 3, 2012

Cowboy Molar

I will admit that the highlight of my dental appointment, my very first with a Dallas dentist, was spending an hour with a cartoon molar wearing cowboy boots. I don't remember what the poster in the exam room was about, but I can tell you it's a very happy looking tooth. It has big eyes and a big smile and an enviable red cowboy hat. It has no arms, so I'm not sure how it's holding on to the lasso at its side, but the point is it's just so happy. Why, I have to wonder, did my dentists in California never have a poster with a blissful bicuspid wearing a wetsuit and carrying a surf board? Why no Iowan incisor wearing overalls? And why does my dentist just have a poster of this tooth, when another office half a mile away has painted the cowboy molar five feet tall on a brick wall facing the street?

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Club Narwhal said...

i feel like that cowboy tooth would do well at pizza ranch :)