Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The La Princessa Men

Ours is not a neighborhood of ice cream trucks. We have men on foot pushing carts and dollies strapped with blue coolers and smaller white ones and a bucket of squirt bottles for good measure. The carts have different names, but mostly they are named La Princessa, written in white script on the side. At first I thought there was one La Princessa guy, but then he kept changing, taller one day, younger the next, and when I started to pay attention I realized the carts kept changing, too: their number and configuration of different sized coolers like cubist sculpture, held together in innumerable variations. Sometimes there's a little line of bells across the push bar. It's a gentle sound, but I hear the bells even inside the house, sitting at the window, seconds before the mass of coolers pushes into view. 

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