Monday, August 6, 2012

Neighborhood Filming Notice

For the next ten hours, crews at the other end of my block will be filming "a series of Texas Lottery holiday TV commercials." This means a there have been notices taped to doors and slipped under windshields. The notices want us to move our cars off the street to "help maintain traffic flow." The notices want to thank us for our "hospitality." The filming also means both sides of the street have been studded with little orange traffic cones all weekend, and two houses have been lit up with Christmas decorations. And that means that Dallas in the beginning of August can pass for Dallas in late December, as if the camera always subtracts 20 degrees, or as if anyone ever dreamed of a heat wave Christmas. I am going to pretend this means that I live on the most December-like block in the city, that it is actually brisk outside, and not a temperature that causes me to break a sweat if I so much as eat a hot meal.

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